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Updated 9/10/13

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Goals for Vex; Gen 4
*Master sculpting skill
*Learn to use all sculpting materials
*make an ice sculpture of spouse
*Make at least 5 sculptures and paint at least 25 paintings
*Master painting

*Sell 10,000 dollars in paintings
* Paint family pictures (At least one of spouse, kids and parents)
*Spend time hanging with friends and other people
*Buy a tattoo chair/tattoo friends and/or family
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Kennedy Family Legacy 4.4

Note: Hey guys, welcome back to a long awaited chapter of the Kennedy’s I’ve had some issues as some of you know and I wont blabber much. HOWEVER, you will notice the house change in the middle then change back to the old house, also their clothes change. I accidentally deleted my most recent save so the new house is gone (I still have it I just need to move them in) But I wanted to finish taking pictures.  I figured you guys wouldn’t mind too much? :)  (PS please ignore if some things are very ugly colors. My game was crashing a TON and I just wanted to get some pictures out) Enjoy!

**It's been over a YEAR since my last KENNEDY CHAPTER. After this chapter I am probably going to split up the family and “start fresh” the rest of the fambam will live in the neighborhood BUT I’m hoping this will take care of the crashing issue. If it does NOT... I don't think i'll have a choice. I will have stop the legacy and start a new one.

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Meet and Greet

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Meet Rebel Bronx. That's right, Rebel. And he tries to live up to his name as much as possible. As for his last name? You might recognize it! He is actually the younger brother of Sapphire Bronx. He, too, has just started life out on his own as a single man ready to take whatever life throws his way... but not without his big sister, Sapphires help! He bought the house next door and is building from the ground up. Here he makes goo goo eyes at the only things he's ever truly loved. Ice cream, before he dropped it on the ground of course!

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Rebel has the best sense of humor, he can make anyone laugh and is always open to hear a good joke. He's also, you guessed it! Rebellious! This started out at a young age, never anything terrible but he wasn't a stranger to the principles office or to being grounded. This falls hand in hand with daredevil. In school if Rebel saw an opportunity to do something crazy... or stupid... or both, he would take it! As long as people got a laugh out of it, Rebel was there. Don't be confused though, Rebel is not stupid, quite the opposite in fact. He graduated at the top of his class. He might has put on a show with his classmates but Rebel was always the highest mark on the class test or even physical tests in PE. He was in shop class and seemed to pick up on how things worked quite easily, you could say he was a handy sim. And finally, as much as he'd fight and disagree with you, Rebel is irresistable. There's almost nothing he couldn't get a lady to do by simply asking her, and flashing his smile. He's gotten out of some trouble that way, but he tries not to flaunt it.

What's in store for Rebel ,Sapphire and Donovan? I guess we'll soon find out!

*rolls eyes*

Good news/ bad news
I have decided the Kennedy's have been on long enough of a haitus, BUT my game is not cooperating D:
I have around 10/15 pictures left to take, since I decided to retake all the pictures as I wasn't happy with their turn out. My problem is my game (this save file to be more specific) is not saving. Occasionally I can get it to save but more often than not I get Error Code 12 or 16 or a lovely crash. I can post what I have, and leave off the last few pictures or I can try and attempt to fix my game.

I have moved neighborhoods since Isla Paradiso seemed to be buggy and it's still not fixing it.
My current household (for fun game) works just fine. ONCE in a while I will get error code 12 but nothing too serious, I don't know.. It's frustrating, I am NOT giving up on this family, I mean, I know they have been around for a few years now (oops ;P) but I can't help that my sims game is always having problems.

I'm not trying to stick up for myself by any means but I need maybe some help. Also, removing CC does not help, besides I would die without it xD
Yes I have cleared my cache files.
Yes I have moved the family
Yes I have taken out mods (though I put them back)
No I will absolutely NOT uninstall/reinstall.

Any suggestions? :)
Should I just post what I have.
I need input people!


Another day another problem

Sims 3 seriously stresses me out man. I've invested hundreds, if not thousands of dollars into The Sims 3 alone and have issue after issue.

My game runs perfectly, no glitching, no horribly long load time.
But saving.... my game crashes almost every time.
I can't play ANY of my games, Kennedy's, Martin's and most recently Sapphire and Donovan.
I can save like, once, then my game will crash any times after. I have tried removing mods/CC but even that hasn't helped. Let's be realistic though, I'm not playing without my mods. Lol.

So if any of you are wondering why I don't update very often, this is why.. because I simply cannot progress past a full sim day. I save often (about every 10 real life minutes which is a pain in the ass because saving takes ages) and nothing! I've tried asking for help on forum after forum and it seems as though people are too good for us non-computer savvy people.


My next step is to go through all my CC and delete most of the objects I have downloaded, even though that sucks because I have some really cool things.

I delete my cashe files before EVERY play time. I'm going to see if disabling memories will work (Not sure why it would matter but stranger things have happened in the Sims...)

So I have decided;

I am going to go through my friends list and read ALL the legacies from the beginning commenting every couple chapters.

HOWEVER. If I have read through yours and remember it, I probably wont read it again but maybe the last few chapters and then catch up to where I stopped reading everyones. So no worries!!

I've been a bad simmer these last few weeks and have just been playing to have fun. Time to get back to business!!!

Much love to the Simming community <3 I'm so happy and thankful that so many of you are still around, tyrfish and everyone else associated is doing an amazing job getting this club back on it's feet :)


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Meanwhile; Sapphire and Donovan are going back to uni, they each have one semester left to complete their first degree's (Both in Fine Arts)
It took FOREVER to get him to agree to move in with us too. This has been a hard relationship xD

Donovan: "What's the saying? When in doubt. pick C?"
Sapphire: "I don't know, Donovan. I usually just pick whatever answer I think is correct."
Donovan: "That sounds.... logical."

Sapphire in the Rough

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Sapphire is living up her college days, she spends them mostly drunk, and is still managing to stay on the deans list with a full green academic  bar!

Also... since my game is aparently glitching out or something, I changed her LTW. She was at like 5 boyfriends and the coutner was stuck on 2. I was getting frustrated so now she has decided she wants to be a singer. Mostly because I haven't really explored that career yet ^_^

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Epic chess game with the boyfriend. His name is Donovan Rockwell. He was a university townie who received major plastic sergery via... doctor me.
They are a cute couple though.